MyDataSpace is a cloud storage of open data with API access.

The API allows you to:

  • full-text search
  • filter, sort, group data
  • authorize users through social networks
  • receive notification of data changes
  • store files and much more.

MyDataSpace provides open access to all stored data.


Full-text search

Search for documents by content and sort them by relevance

Clustering of geodata

Grouping of objects close to each other on the map

Example: CCTV cameras in Moscow on the map


Grouping documents by the values of the specified fields

Example: the filtering panel is implemented using facets


notifications about data changes

Example: instantly displaying new comments from all users who view them


Authorization of users through popular social networks

MyDataSpace takes full control of users — registration, authentication and authorization through social networks.

All MyDataSpace users are anonymous by default, but they can create public profiles.

Authorization is supported through the following social networks:

Admin Dashboard

Convenient data and code management dashboard


Data Import

Processing and importing data from XLS, CSV, JSON, XML files and other file formats


User Code

Running user JavaScript on the server on a schedule


File Storage

Storing user files on the server